Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year's Eve Recap

This New Year's Eve I decided to host a party celebrating all of the fun memories of 2015 and welcoming in the new year of 2016. I invited my two closest friends and their boyfriends as well as mine and of course my sister.

We drank out of wine bottles filled with non-alcoholic juice. I even bought little wine glasses so we looked official. So fun! Our movie I had planned for us to watch completely failed so instead we played this awesome version of charades where you act out doing two things at once. It was so hard, but super funny! One of my cards I had to act out was shaving a parrot while shutting an overstuffed suitcase. Waaaaaa???

Anyways, It was a total success and the pictures above were from the photo booth I put together. It was a super neat idea I found on Pinterest and had to try! I think that it turned out great! My super sweet boyfriend even brought fancy camera equipment over just for the party.

I also got to practice my cooking skills, which are very limited. So I made something I've made three other times. Chicken Alfredo! Yummmm! My guests loved it so I'm happy.

So, I've been thinking about new year resolutions lately, considering it is the new year, and I've decided that this year I would write them down. So here is a list of my resolutions for the year.


1. Post a blog post every Friday. 

2. Save equal to what I have now for college.

3. Keep grades 95 and above. 

4. Take a lot of pictures.

5. Personal Record on my squat max.

6. Figure out where I am going college and decide on a career. 

7. Learn how to make basic foods. 

8. Go to church at least every other Sunday.

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