Friday, January 15, 2016

College Website Review

In my journey of finding colleges that I was interested in and scholarships to apply for, I have used two websites to help me. Here is a review of the two websites!

                        BigFuture has been one of the most helpful tools on my journey to finding which schools I wanted to apply for. Basically, BigFuture is a website that helps you with finding colleges, making a plan, learning how to pay for college, and finding scholarships. I basically only used it to figure out which colleges were best for me.

You can filter out options until you only have the colleges that best fit your wants and needs. It is super simple to use, as well as fun! I learned about colleges all around the U.S. that were nearly perfect for me. This site also gives you deadlines to follow. This was very helpful when it came time to apply so that I wasn't stressed out about when to turn things in. If you are in the market for a college, I highly recommend using this site!

2. Fastweb
                        Fastweb is a website solely dedicated to scholarships and paying for college. I have used Fastweb for all of my scholarships that I have applied for. They have thousands of scholarships. They range from generic scholarships to very specific ones for your major.
As you can see in this screenshot of the website, you can categorize the scholarships that you are interested in, in different folders. This is very helpful because of how vast the selection of scholarships is. Fastweb lets you also categorize the scholarships that you are not interested in. That way, when you are scrolling through searching for more scholarships, you don't accidentally waste time on the ones that you have already read through and denied. Fastweb even offers scholarships sponsored by their own website. This is very cool because you do not have to meet a certain criteria to enter into their scholarships. Scholarship awards are achievable if you know the right place to find them. Although lots of websites have scholarship scams, Fastweb is known for finding them. When you search through Fastweb scholarships, you know you are applying for real scholarships that are safe to use.

Let me know down below the websites that you use for your own college applying and paying process!

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