Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hey Guys! And HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is finally 2016 and to be honest, I've secretly
been waiting for this year since I was a freshman in highschool.

It is so crazy to think about where I am in life now compared to then. Anyways, this year has been so amazing and beautiful and I cannot wait to share with all of you a few pictures and memories from 2015!

Although this has been my most challenging year, I have learned so much about independence and hard work. I secured my first job while going to school, started saving for college, started making a plan for my college journey, went to state in cross-country and learned some valuable lessons about self discipline with money!

Here are just a few pictures from 2015 I have to share with you!


My sister and I supporting our running buddy at his graduation!
My first foam glow run ever!

Homecoming Queen 2015
State Qualifiers 2015
Co-Cheer Captains with my sister from another mister. 
The Annual Chickasha Trip!

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